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Who we are

Our website address is: and we are the internet site for the Chalke Valley Fete.


This site stores cookies to aid in its normal operation and help search engines find the site. We do not store cookies for social media or targetting

Payment Information

You can purchase entries, tickets or products from this website using a credit or debit card.

We do not store any card details whatsoever and therefore cannot investigate transactions made using the card details.

We do record details of the purchaser and products purchased.

Payment information is sent to Stripe who process card payments. This site does not retain and does not have access to card payment information.

Who we share your data with

If you purchase entries, tickets or products via this website we keep a record of all data entered in the checkout page except card details.

Chalke Valley Fete may use your data for delivering the results of the Fete and it’s own promotional purposes.

We do not allow any of these data to be used by third parties not connected to the fete.