How to enter online

  1. You can enter online at any time after the process is online up to the day before the show
  2. Decide which classes you want to enter (you can enter more than one)
  3. Using this site find each class you want to enter to and “add to basket”
  4. Your basket will be shown. You can add more items (Continue shopping) or “proceed to checkout”
  5. At the checkout enter the details required (a red asterisk means mandatory, all others are optional)
  6. If you are buying an entry for a friend or relative you must put their name in the “Additional Information” box. Do not mix your own entries with those for a friend or relative. Each order must be for one person only
  7. Enter card details as normal and press “Place Order”. The transaction normally takes only a few seconds and a thank you screen will appear. An email will be sent to the address you entered.

And this is important: After placing an order: On the thank you screen and/or the email you will see your order number and class number. The order number identifies you to the judges. Both of these numbers must be on your entry as a sticker or label.

So, for example, if you have bought an entry into class E1 (a Jar of Marmalade ) and your order number is web-1234 then your label would read web-1234 E1 as below

If on the same order you also bought an entry into class E4 (a loaf of bread) then the label would read web-1234 E4


Can I enter more than one class at a time? Yes as long as all the entries are in either your name or the name used in the “additional information” box

Do you keep records of my card details? No, we do not store or have access to any of the card details

Do you keep records of my entries? Yes, of course, as the judges need to be able to match your order number to your name.

If I can’t make the show can I have a refund? We can do refunds to the card used in the transaction only and we can’t do part refunds.

Do you keep a record of my personal details. Yes, we need to keep the Billing Details until the show to allow judging to award prizes to the winners

Made a mistake? visit our refunds and cancellations page for help